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His wife wants a soda in the kitchen and a shower of sperm

Well, then! This woman is a damn naughty. She is having lunch with her husband who is about to go to work. But before, she wants to leave him a small memory and decides to cut him a pipe. She even eats her balls and does so with passion. But the man will take a few minutes on his schedule to enjoy the splendid body of his blonde wife. He undresses her, admires her buttocks and licks her vagina. He then takes it by folding his knees on his chest and punches the scabbard. It is at this moment that she asks him a deep sodomy. Not always having the opportunity of visiting this orifice, he hastened to sink to the balls. The position of the stool is most exciting. She will also have her sperm shower as usual.

Date: June 9, 2018